The history of Bravo is the story of a man whose passion and obstinacy made a dream come true.

The founder, Genesio Bravo, was born in 1939 in a small Italian farm village, Nogarole Vicentino, in the province of Vicenza, where he passes his childhood and youth. Those times during the war and after the war are very difficult, but they also provide desire to bounce back.

Genesio Bravo had a dream since he was young: to build something new with his own hands. It is only after a long working career in several important engineering companies in Vicenza that he decides to go it his own. Thanks to a friend's suggestion he chooses the road of gelato machines...

Bravo is a leading manufacturer of a wide range of professional machines for the production of artisan gelato, pastry and chocolate. 

Ever since its foundation in 1967, Bravo’s history has been built upon innovative products and successful ideas:

Bravo introduced to the world the philosophy of Trittico®, the multi-purpose machine that since 1974 has evolved into its current sixth generation edition.

Bravo founded some branches worldwide such as Bravo North America. This branch makes available its offices and showroom in Charlotte, North Carolina, to daily support its customers during their work and to be at their side 365 day a year.

And so in 1967 Bravo came about. 
Following the tradition of those years, the multi-machine system, Genesio begins producing pasteurizers and batch freezers.
But this does not satisfy him, while he continues to study how to improve the system, he has this question: why can't the mixture be pasteurized and batch frozen in just one machine, thus saving time, energy and space?

This is the start of the revolution: in 1974 Genesio deposits the first of a long series of patents: Trittico , the first and only complete laboratory enclosed in just one machine, which in less than one square metre pasteurizes and batch freezes high quality artisan gelato. A patent which radically changes the way of thinking the artisan gelato workshop. 
With Trittico a new way of making gelato has begun: the Trittico  method, the new Bravo adventure, one machine, inimitable, which is the most copied machine in the world today.
But Genesio does not stop there as his machine is his creature which must progress and always be updated.
And so through the years new ideas come about, new expedients making work easier, new generations of machinery are invented: the 2000 series. 
Trittico today is no longer a gelato making machine, but a true gelato, pastry and catering laboratory which with complex software and advanced technology is able to control many types of processes automatically, at the same time respecting tradition and the creativity of the professional.

The company continues to grow thanks to the continuity of the new generation: Giuseppe Bravo is managing director of the company today, while the engineer Stefano Bravo coordinates the team of engineers in the research and development department, carrying on the path of ongoing progress undertaken by his father over 40 years ago.
Turnover grows, the trademark repositions itself on the market, the sales network increases year by year and international branches spring up transforming Bravo into the solid and efficient international company which it is today. 
The story of Bravo goes on: it is the story of a dream, of an adventure.

It is the story of a family, which works every day with commitment and passion.

It is the story of over forty years of unending innovation...

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The origin of Thuy Chau  Company is the joyful idea of Vietnamese businessmen, built in the desire and open-hearted hope to create one favourite enterprise, that everyone will be supported the best products.

This is a story of great commitment and passion, the story of founders and staff  who have dedicated their lives to search order to bring the valuable products to the customers. 

Thuy Chau Company is the high-up importers of ice cream powders, ice cream flavors, fruit pastes, topping, pure, sirup to make the best mixes of ice cream, ice blend, coffee, bakery and promote of the beverage solution and food.



Thuy Chau International Co., Ltd, one of the companies focusing on importing ice cream powders, ice cream machines, ice cream tools, coffee machines, ice machines, kitchen equipments, and only more Italian products. Beside, we distribute a little products made in Austria, USA, Germany ..

Established in 2010 with its head-quarter in Hadong, Hanoi, Vietnam. Firstly, We sold for bigger companies they came from Singapore. After that, we started to be dealers and our main importers. Now we are the leading one-stop solution provider in commercial ice cream machines and ice cream powders supplying service for shops, restaurants, hotels, resorts in Vietnam.

Now we have many channels for selling the products as,, …in Vietnam's market with 2 companies such as PAFO Co, ltd, and Thuy Chau International, Co.,ltd.

At  Thuy Chau  or PAFO,  with  a  creative, skilled and experienced team devoted to their profession,  our  prime  objective  is  to satisfactorily meet every single requirement of our esteem customers  with cooperative and professional services.

We always learn from our past experiences with an aim to deliver to our customers new dimensions of concepts, solutions and services in an innovative, effective and practical manner.

Trust, once broken, may not be recoverable.  We treat Trust as our most valuable asset that each of us has to nurture and preserve above all else. Watercon or PhuAnFood  are  the leading food service & laundry solutions provider in Vietnam, whose expertise and experience have been proven by 5-star projects from Sungroup, FLC, Vingroup, Redsun, JW Marriot, Vinpearl & BanaHills, Novotel, Amanoi, Sixsenses etc...

Founded by a professional team with over ten years of experience in training ice cream soft, gelato, ice blend, smoothie solutions, we are fully capable of delivering innovative customer-focused concepts and services from consultation & design, customized fabrication, site coordination, installation, commissioning & testing to customer care services that enhance performance and customer satisfaction.

We always focus on hotels, international fast food and restaurant chains to cafeterias, deli shops, food courts, ice cream parlors, convenience stores, bakeries and bakery production centers. With such diverse and established experience, we know the industry inside out, to give you the best products and professional service, always.

We aim to give you the simple solutions to complex problems. That is why we have a pool of experienced creative design consultants who visit customer’s sites, analyze, discuss and advise on ways to optimize available space in your kitchen, plan or outlet. No matter what your budget is, we will work with you to give you the best valued for money.


Importer and distributor of ice cream powders, ice crem flavors, ice cream equipments, cofffee machines, ice machines, bakery equipments and instruments for ice cream shops, bars and restaurants, 5 star hotels. We disire to be the representative for the branding development, designing website, SEO products  and branding co-operation over the world.

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